ESCA Mobile Access Platforms - FAQ's

What is your maximum height?

The maximum working height is 8m. The standard minimum working height is 4m. However, if you require a working height from 3m please contact us to discuss your personalised details to see if it is possible for us to accommodate this.

What is working at height?

Working at height is when an operator is safely working at shoulder height. For example, our 6m unit has a mobile access platform at 4m, the average person is 1.8m. Therefore, subtract 2m from the working height to obtain the mobile access platform height.

How easily can I store an ESCA?

The ESCA is extremely easy to store. There are 3 main options to store your ESCA:

  • Leave it assembled
  • Collapse the unit flat and store as a traditional ladder
  • Completely strip down and store in bags or boxes e.g. When the 8m unit is folded for storage it can easily fit into an estate car!

How heavy is an ESCA?

This depends on the size that you select. However, a 5m ESCA 3000 weighs approx. 65kg; a 6m ESCA 3000 weighs approx. 75kg; and a 7m ESCA 3000 weighs approx. 90kg.

How long does it take to assemble an ESCA?

Once an operator has been trained, a 5m unit can be built in approx. 15 minutes.

Does the ESCA comply with Health and Safety?

The ESCA 2000 and 3000 models comply with numerous EC safety awards such as EN131 for ladders, and HD1004 for mobile access platforms. These are basic standards which all equipment should conform to.

In addition, the ESCA 3000 has been awarded with the European verification certificate 05/281E1, BGVD36, and GPSG safety standards for tools, equipment and products.

The ESCA 3000 has also been independently tested for operations and stability by a prestigious UK Health and Safety Engineer,Jon Boydell. Click here to read his full report.

The Health and Safety Executive does not recommend any specific equipment but rather advises on the types of equipment to be used. The new working at height regulations state that the best and safest equipment should always be used combined with a risk assessment.

How much is the ESCA?

Please contact or call 07530 699 001 for more details.

What is your delivery time?

Delivery times are between 14 and 21 days. Earlier delivery times can be arranged upon request. Please contact if you require an earlier delivery time.