ESCA3000 Mobile Access Platforms - Case Studies


Balcarras School, Cheltenham

"The ESCA is the most useful piece of kit I have ever found! It is safer than a Zargees ladder and enables you to work efficiently.

With a solid structure that moves under your own steam, the ESCA takes away the hassle of putting up and taking down ladders or scaffold towers - indeed you don't even have to climb down between moves! Drama teachers have very tight timescales and budgets and the ESCA has enabled me to go one further and do that extra tech rehearsal I used to dream of! And I now can get jobs done in time to grab a bit of lunch!

Now we have the ESCA in the studio I have to fight off the site crew and others who eye it with jealousy!

The service from the ESCA team is spectacularly good. When I enquired about the latest order an ESCA mobile access platform was delivered within a couple of days. Further enhancements arrived on request within days and fine tuning was accomplished within 24 hours of call out. We appreciated the video, training materials and demo. The service has been consistently superb - and economically the ESCA is excellent!"

Tony Benet,
Balcarras School, Cheltenham

Forest Park Primary School

"We already had a traditional mobile access tower but because it took so long to construct and dismantle, and took up so much floor space, we needed something of about six to seven metres to mobile access and maintain light fittings and provide us with the ability to decorate at this height. After checking out all the normal ‘multifunction’ ladders along came the ESCA - what a turning point!! There is a very safe means of mobile accessing the work mobile access platform but most importantly when at mobile access platform height the unit is totally mobile saving a huge amount of time running up and down to reposition the equipment. The versatility of the ESCA is so amazing that we would be happy to discuss its merits to any potential user."

John Baggerley, Premises Manager
Forest Park Primary School
Stoke on Trent

Nottingham High School for Girls

"It is not often one finds something that is excellent for maintaining health and safety and also excellent for the job required but this describes the ESCA mobile access platform perfectly.

NGHS purchased an ESCA last year and the equipment has swiftly become indispensable. Our ESCA is used for all work at heights ranging from stage lighting to window cleaning. Due to the ease of movement around the room, the mobile access platform saves both time and energy and makes a potentially tedious job acceptable and very safe. It is one of those things you quickly wonder how you managed without."

Theatre Top

British Grove Studios

"After extensive research we settled on the ESCA 2000 system 6/4m tower to provide ceiling access in our double height live recording area because it was convenient to store, simple to assemble and, uniquely, possible for one person to operate and position.

When the ESCA 3000 became available, we were happy to upgrade, the new system benefiting from improved components affording faster assembly and neater storage.

After several years experience with the ESCA systems, I can confirm we are delighted with their performance, quality and after sales service."

David Stewart,
British Grove Studios, London

Huddersfield New College

"We have used the ESCA 2000 for several years here at Huddersfield New College for various jobs such as rigging, focusing and hanging sets.

We have always found it safe, flexible and reliable and upon the completion of our new theatre in the summer, the ESCA 3000 was our first choice for an mobile access solution.

We have always found the staff friendly and knowledgeable when they have visited us for inspection and maintenance, while the quality of service has always been very good."

Gavin Leonard,
Perforing Arts Technician
Huddersfield New College

Glasgow Cultural Enterprises Ltd

"We've had our ESCA mobile access platform since approximately November 2006. It is an excellent piece of mobile access equipment, much safer and user-friendly than an A-frame ladder, a set of Zarges, or a tallescope. We use ours for a range of jobs. Changing light bulbs and maintaining fittings, focussing and rigging lights, installation of our new front of house tannoy system, general maintenance, and many other tasks where mobile access is an issue. We had a number of reasons for purchasing the ESCA. In the past we had a DVL vertical personnel mobile access platform, which served for most duties, but only licensed operators could use the mobile access platform. The DVL was also ruining the carpets in the public area of the building. We had continued to use our tallescope for our visiting companies, as it had been deemed the most appropriate piece of equipment available, until we found ESCA. The ESCA mobile access platform is much safer and easier to use, and there is a much lower chance of it being tipped by over eager crew, as the operation of the mobile access platform does not require them. The ESCA alone would never be a complete solution for us, but combined with our DVL we have very few mobile access problems."

Scott Fleming,
Stage Lighting and Electrical Engineer
Glasgow Cultural Enterprises Ltd

Strode Theatre

"We needed mobile access equipment that could be used easily everyday. We wanted simplicity, durability, quality and safety. Since using the ESCA we couldn’t be happier. It’s unbelievably versatile, easy to set up and move around. You don’t have to run up and down the steps or get other people to help so the job gets done much faster. Already the ESCA has paid for itself as its great value for money and saves time."

Stuart England,
Deputy Technician
Strode Theatre

Amenity Use Top

British Grove Studios

"We have used our ESCA 3000 on numerous occasions now, our job requires high cleans in Fife schools, buildings etc, it has made the job easier, faster cheaper, and most important a lot safer."

Tom McLauchlan,
Support Unit Supervisor
Catering and Cleaning Service
Fife Council

Northumberland County Council

"At Northumberland County Council, we’ve now been using the ESCA for 2 years. We originally started off with one and now have 16 used in our first, middle and high schools across the region. The key benefit of the ESCA is it’s total mobility so it can be used for all sorts of jobs around the schools – and on uneven surfaces outside. Throughout, ESCA has supplied us with fantastic training and ongoing support to all our caretakers which is extremely important so that our health and safety standards are maintained."

Nicola Wakeling,
Training & Support Manager
Northumberland County Council

Retail Centres Top

Longford Securities and Equities

"We use the ESCA in our shopping centre in Kingston-upon-Thames. It is the ideal equipment to use in difficult areas where larger access platforms and scaffolding could not be used.

We find the ESCA easy to operate, easy to store and inexpensive to maintain.

The ESCA mobile access platform is invaluable for those emergency repairs but also for the regular day to day maintenance of the centre.

Longford Securities has now been using the ESCA 3000 across a range of commercial and retail property sites for the last six months. Our local site management teams use the ESCA for a variety of jobs, such as: changing light bulbs, general maintenance and repairs in shopping malls, serviced areas, as well as commercial property exteriors.

Our team find the ESCA extremely simple to use. One-operator can easily manoeuvre the mobile access platform without having to dismount, saving a great deal of time. As we have a large number of sites across the South East, the ability to dismantle, transport and reassemble the ESCA across our various sites was a key selling point.

When we do need to have contractors on site we can also get them to use the ESCA rather than charging in scaffolding at considerable rates. I would certainly recommend the ESCA3000. In our opinion it is a fantastic piece of kit."

Peter Johnson,
Technical Director
Longford Securities and Equities

Auction houses Top

Bonhams Auctioneers

"We have found the ESCA to be pretty much indispensable for our building. The design appears both safe and adaptable, and enables our staff to work at height with confidence, whether it is hanging valuable artwork or changing a light bulb. The ability to safely move the ladder whilst at the top is ingenious and efficient."

James Knight, Managing Director
Bonhams Auctioneers, London